Excerpt from "The Heart Knows"

“May I ask you something?”
“I suppose,” I replied, glancing across the table at him. He had a more serious look than before.
“How long is this going to go on? How long are you going to make me chase you? Not that I mind it, I’m simply curious.”
“First off, I had no idea I was, and second, this is not the place to be discussing such matters,” I half whispered.
He bent across the table toward me. “Oh, I think you know exactly what I’m talking about, and I’ll save this conversation for our trip back. Fair enough?” His dark brown eyes were dancing. He was having fun with this.
“Fair enough.”
“Good. Now, let’s enjoy our wine before we go pick up the pieces I just purchased and wait on the next ferry, though they do run until ten, you know.”
“Drink your wine, Brenden.”
I was nervous as I sat next to him, waiting on the next ferry to arrive. It was already dark by the time we picked up the items from the antique shop and loaded into the back of his SUV. Knowing what was coming, what he wanted to discuss, made me feel like a schoolgirl.
“Lauren,” he began as he turned to face me. “We’re attracted to each other. You know that. I know that. I also realize that you have issues with it. I don’t know if it’s our age difference, or the fact that I would be the first since your husband’s death. But whatever it might be, could you just relax and let go, and let’s see where this goes?”
I nodded my head. “It has nothing to do with the difference in our ages, Brenden. I have two kids to think of. They’ve never seen me with anyone but their father, and I don’t want them hurt. But I’m in agreement—if you’ll respect what I’ve just said, I’m willing to see where this leads us.”
“Good. That’s all I ask, Lauren.” He leaned over and took my face with one hand as he lowered his lips to mine. His kiss was slow and sensual at first, as though he was trying to memorize something. His tongue outlined my lips before he nudged the seam of my mouth open and deepened the kiss. Our tongues met, becoming entangled in something far more passionate.
I had no idea how long this went on. Only that the blast of the incoming ferry startled us both and severed our bond.
Laughing, we sat back still holding hands, looking at each other like two love or lust struck kids. “Talk about rude!” I joked as I glanced forward, barely able to see the dock. “I’m so glad you talked me into this, Brenden. I’ve really enjoyed myself and getting to know you better.”

“The night’s still young. It doesn’t have to end yet.”

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