Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Description of "Perpetual Love"

I thought I would give everyone a "taste" of what "Perpetual Love", my first e-novel is all about.

It is a 19th century "historical" romance. Based in the Nevada Territory, Albert is the eldest son of four children. His sister is married and lives in Sacramento and his brothers live on the ranch they all work with their recently widowed father, Thomas. Albert has been college educated back east, but returned home, figuring his college skills would help enhance Sky Valley's productivity and income. But he really yearns for adventure and to see far away places, feeling that his education is now being wasted.
His father talks him out of leaving, at least for the time being as an old friend of his father's is coming to visit and to live. He's bringing his daughter with him.
Enter Anne. . .she is beautiful, smart, educated and stubborn. All it takes is the two to meet and they fall for each other. . .
Meanwhile, Anne's father has a different agenda on his mind. . .and it involves Anne.

"Perpetual Love" is the first of what I hope to be a 2 or three part series.

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