Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Learning the ABC's of E-Publishiing

Okay, I admit it,  I'm new at epublishing. My debut novel, Perpetual Love has been out for not quite two months now. Sales are stagnant right now, but  I knew going in that this would probably be the case. The one thing I have learned in these past two months (and already knew to some extent)  is that epublishing, unlike traditional publishing requires that the author do their own publicity to get their name and book out there to readers. With my background in PR this is fairly easy for me. It's something I enjoy. I've learned a lot, spent hours upon hours going to different web sites and blogs telling anyone who will listen about my book and myself. The other thing I've learned is that authors support authors. I've met some very nice and helpful fellow authors out there. While there are many I look up to, I thought I'd focus on one today.
 DeeDee Scott is one of these authors. DeeDee has been in this game a lot longer than I and has way more books out than I do. But the one thing about DeeDee is that she is believes in playing it forward. She shares things that have worked for her, makes suggestions to fledgling authors like me. And she is always "on", whether it be Facebook, Twitter or her blog(s), she always has herself out there. And that my friends, is crucial to your success or failure. You cannot sit on your laurels and hope your ebooks sell well. You have to sell yourself and your "product". 
Check DeeDee out on either her author blog at or at her other, The Writers Guide to EPublishing has all kinds of information for up and coming e-authors. Today she is featuring million selling ebook author John Locke and his informative book, "How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months". Check it out at
It's a lot to take in, but if we all work together we can make this new frontier of e-publishing fun and exciting.
Happy writing everyone!


  1. Aw-shucks, Jamie!

    Now you got me big-time bawlin' in my Minnie Mug!

    Thanks sooo very much for the shout-out today on all-things-D. D. Scott!

    Nothin' beats writers helping writers by Paying It Forward...and that my friend, is how we're gonna keep on treatin' our readers and fans to great books for great prices!

    Thanks again, Jamie! U rock!!! I can't wait to read your book!

    P.S. And if y'all have any questions today for the superfab John Locke, he'll be answering 'em for you on my WG2E site today!!! So c'mon over!!!

  2. This article is SPOT ON. I'm a big fan of D.D. Scott as well. Thank you!!

  3. I found DeeDee's advertisement in a trade magazine last December. I don't know... her spirit on the cover & in the text just reached out of that ad, off the page, and grabbed me! I looked at her site, found her online on Facebook etc... and I've followed her ever since like a puppy (not a stalker... no, no... a puppy!!!)
    DeeDee's got energy and enthusiasm and a teacher's heart that never grows impatient or fatigued. She always encourages and shares. She's always there... the kind of person you befriend instantly, and can pick up at the same place after you've been apart awhile.
    And she is becoming an important person to know with her epublishing lessons.
    Not just fledglings like me, but veterans too....
    She proves that you can succeed by following your heart and doing what is right for you.
    I can't thank her enough for picking me up when I was so down and convincing me to have confidence in myself.
    Thanks for this wonderful post Jamie!