Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blood Lust Update and Preview

Okay, I've been slack in keeping up this blog, but believe me I've had my reasons. . .technical difficulties! Yes, these pesty computers! My problem is that the CDR I had Blood Lust on will not open when I went to send it to the editor! If I diagnose the CDR the file is still there, but if I go to open it, the CDR tells me there is 0 there! What a quandry! So I sat down and over a week and a half rewrote Blood Lust onto the hard drive and a flash drive. Thank God I had a hard copy to use! It might have been a "blessing" that this happened because I was able to polish it up even more than I had in my first rewrite/edit. So now I am readying the release of Blood Lust. An exact date will come this week. Until then, here is a synopsis of Blood Lust. . .

18th century England. . .William Spencer is seeking justice. But how is it possible to reclaim his name, title and lands when he’s been wrongly convicted of a murder his own brother Benjamin perpetrated. Even while nursing the pain of his brother’s betrayal, William must confront the realization that Benjamin will go to any length to keep what he feels is rightfully his, even to the extent of more killing. However unlikely, it seems that William’s one chance for reprisal may be the Lady Katherine, Benjamin’s betrothed. But the new Duke of Sussex will not easily relinquish all that he’s so ruthlessly connived to obtain…

It is a story of love, deception, revenge, murder and William and Katherine’s determination to expose Benjamin for the evil, self absorbed man he is.

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  1. Jamie. I think I have followed, liked and tweeted you all in one quick round on the Internet. Always nice to meet someone from GA on the Internet. I love the cover for Perpetual Love. I'll see you on the Internet.