Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Character Spotlight: Katherine

I thought it might be interesting to do some character spotlights on various characters in my newest enovel, Blood Lust. To start out I've chosen Katherine, the primary female character.

Katherine is a strong-willed young woman, especially for the time period of 18th century England. She is willing to take chances and do things, most women of this era would swoon over. She is outspoken and frank, but she's had to transform herself into a woman who isn't afraid to take charge or chances. With both of her parents now deceased, Katherine has been left in charge of what little is left of the family fortune because her brother Thomas isn't able. Thomas, having sustained a nasty riding accident is mentally incapable of the day to day operations of their estate, and it has run out of money.

So, Katherine, determined, decides the only way to resolve this situation is to enter the marriage mart. Marriages of financial convenience are done all the time after all. She is finally betrothed to Benjamin Spencer, the earl of Sussex. All of her financial problems will now be taken care of, right? No, not hardly. She discovers a lot about Benjamin, that he is an evil, self-absorbed man, interested more in how he can get what he wants than love. Katherine discovers some information about Benjamin. . .and without revealing anything, she backs out of their arrangement.

In admidst of all of this Katherine finds her life's love and will do anything to help him and start a life together with him. But first, she and her handsome lover must go through some twists and turns.

Let me know what you think. . .

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