Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Muses, A Fickle Lot

As I'm writing this, I am working on two new manuscripts. One is a historical romance, the other is something new. It's a modern day mystery thriller. I am also doing it in the first person, something I haven't done before, so it is new learning experience.
We all have muses and mine is usually very helpful. Right now, I've been racking my brain for titles for both. Coming up with titles usually comes to me in the middle of a project. I thought this time I'd like to work around a title, but nothing is coming. And my muse is either on vacation or on strike! No help, nothing! So, I'll trudge on. . .
On another note, a big shout out and thanks to Emlyn at Novel Publicity for giving me the chance to participate in the Whirlwind Social Media event.

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