Friday, October 14, 2011

Exciting Things to Come

The last three months (okay 2 1/2) of 2011 are shaping up to be busy and exciting!
I will be hosting two blog tours in November for two authors whose new e-books are being released. For one of my days I am actually writing a review! For a YA book no less! It's a great book, however writing a review for it makes me a tad nervous since I feel I'm out of the loop, so to speak, in the YA genre. But I've got an angle for my review and it's going to be awesome!
Next, I am inviting guest writers/authors to post here, subject matter, up to the author. There are so many indie authors out there and we all need to be discovered and heard! Keep paying it forward!
Finally, I'm planning to release my next e-book, "Tudor Rose" in December! I'm really, really over the moon about this book. It is the first in a series I've titled "The Tudor Dynasty". That's just a tease. I'll be releasing more over the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

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  1. Let me invite you to join my guest list at FICTION VICTIM Group.
    I am trying to do what you are doing, but with a story that is added to by guest writers. Please take a look and sign on!