Friday, October 21, 2011

First Review For "Perpetual Love"

My debut novel, "Perpetual Love" has finally received it's first review on "The Romance Reviews" And it's pretty damn decent! I'm really proud of it!

The Romance Review

Author: Jamie Salisbury
Publisher: Jamie Salisbury

Release Date: May 2012

Book Genre: Historical Romance

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Perpetual Love

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Book Reviewed by ReviewsbyMolly (reviewer)

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While I am sad to say this isn't my favorite book, I am happy to say that Ms. Salisbury DOES show extreme writing skills with her debut novel. She shows a deep passion for her characters and creates them with vivid detail and brings the history to life for the reader. Why is this still not my favorite book? The plotline was a bit off for me. I didn't like the way Ms. Salisbury portrayed Anne's father. That really threw me off.

That being said, I enjoyed watching Anne and Albert interact and get to know each other. Albert is always left to entertain the daughters of the guests his father lets stay with them. He really didn't want to do that this time, but John and Anne Wallace were staying and SOMEONE had to help Anne around the farm to make sure that nothing happened to her. Someone needed to make sure that she didn't harm herself. After all, she was just a simple girl. But Anne would have none of Albert calling her a girl. She was a woman, and one who knew her way around animals, woods and farms. And she'd prove it to him too.

With Anne and Albert, it was instant attraction for them both, but they had to deal with Anne's father getting in the way. Albert had his fun loving brothers, Ben and Henry, goading him about his reactions when Anne was around, and Anne wasn't going to put up with being told she was simply a "girl". But Anne and Albert didn't let that stop them. Their attraction and growing love for one another really sent sparks flying.

The detail to the historical aspects of the book were wonderful, but again, Anne's father's attitude in the story really threw it for me. As much as I loved the characters and the historical setting, having Anne's father treat her that way, really made it hard to get lost into the heart of the story.

Over all, this was a decent read. The other characters and the writing style that Ms. Salisbury uses makes up for the attitude that John has towards his daughter. I would recommend you give this book a try. You may be able to get completely and wholly lost among the pages, despite John's character. That said, I will be looking forward to Ms. Salisbury's next novel this fall!

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  1. That's an excellent review! Makes me really want to give it a go.