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Henry VIII 16th Century Rock Star

When I first came up with the name for my upcoming novel, "Tudor Rose" I never thought it would morph into something I could have so much fun with. When Christine first agreed to do a guest post here, I think she thought the book was a history book! So, she came up with a great twist on Henry VIII for me. Thanks Christine!

Henry VIII 16th Century Rock Star

First I would like to thank Jamie for having me on her blog as a guest.  I am honored to be here.  I know Jamie is working on her next book “Tutor Rose” so, I thought I would do what I do best and put my own 2nd hand account on history.
We all know the story of Henry VIII and his 6 wives, but by 16th century standards, this man was not only a king, but would have been considered a rock star by today’s standards.  It all started at a young age, when upon the death of his older brother Arthur, he became heir to the throne.  This became a major problem during his rebellious teen years (Garage Band Years), when all young Henry wanted to do is Joust (join a band) and his dad would not allow him.  But that all changed when his father died and Henry assumed the throne.  He began jousting and promptly married his high school sweetheart, against the advice of his council (managers).
Henry lived larger than life and dressed the part.  He was worshiped like a Rock Star and the saying “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” were his mantra, but only in a different form “Mistresses, Power and Image”.  Just like any other Rock Star, Henry did not like being told “No” and made it a point to bringing his wishes to fruition at any cost, including a change of his country’s religion to facilitate his divorce, which he later found out that it was far easier to trump up treason charges, and behead a wife than it was to divorce one.

Although Henry was not known for destroying hotel rooms, he did one hell of a job destroying monasteries.  And if not for his head strong, self-centeredness, and ability to push others to bend to his will at the hand of violence, we would be no more interested in him than we are in King Egbert or King William II.

So, my question to you is, if Henry and his first wife would have had a couple of strong healthy sons, would he have followed the same path?  Was he a true 16th century Rock Star?  And why is Jonathan Rhys Meyers way hotter than the fat dude in the historical paintings?   Please leave a comment, we would love to hear from you, even if it’s to just say “Hi I was here”.

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