Friday, December 30, 2011

Warning, Warning! Amadeus is Taking Control!!

As I take one final excursion at the end of 2011, I leave with a "interview" I did with Amadeus. To be totally honest however, I'm not sure WHO interviewed who! During the course of our "talk" he decided that he could make this blog better, so I left him with the "keys" so to speak, and God knows what I'll come back to!

JS: Amadeus, this certainly turned out sweet, getting you one on one.  You look great, considering all you’ve been through. I like the new hair cut too.  How are you doing?
AT:  Great! I’ll just be glad to get through these holidays.  All the food and stuff. I don’t usually eat sweets and junk except for maybe a couple times a year. Christmas though, everyone throws diet away. 
And by the way, you look great yourself. You’re obviously doing something right. What?
JS: The usual, diet and exercise. I was swimming a lot, but winter's coming on.  You? The same?
AT: Yep. Had to get back in a gym and with a trainer after my hospital stay and rebuild my strength. 
JS: What does Amadeus Tudor have planned for 2012. A tour? A new CD?
AT: Both. A tour is being planned for late spring and a new CD will be released simultaneously with the tour.
By the way Jame, Falco, Rock Me Amadeus?  Really? I guess I’m going to have to come on board as your musical consultant.  (shaking his head)
JS: You didn’t like that? I thought it was kinda catchy for an introduction for Tudor Rose. What would you have picked out, Mr. Rock-Star God.
AT: Hmmm, can I get back with you on that one?Jame, you have no pic of me or Zara anywhere on your blog. Only the cover artwork. What’s up with that?
JS: Time, a matter of time, there’s only 24 hours in a day Amadeus. Besides it's a blog about books, not musicians!  Would you like to  pick some out for me, perhaps? Music too, while you’re at it.
AT: Sure! In fact I could just come in and do a face lift to the entire site for you.
JS: Okay, back to whatever we were talking about! Next in the series is going to be about you.  I’ve titled it: Amadeus Tudor, The Last of he Wild Ones. Kind of fitting since both of your brothers are also musicians I plan do one on each of them. Describe each of them in a nutshell.
AT: Damien…Damien’s not the same person he once was since he had his stroke. I mean he’s doing great, but he’s become a lot more, introspective, shall we say? He used to be wide open. Everything you read about him was probably true. That’s how he lived his life. Now he’s laid back. Of course age could have something to do with that! (laughing)
JS: Do you think he’ll ever perform again?
AT: I wouldn’t count him out. But don't expect him to do a grueling tour like I’m going to do. I expect he’ll do something. I know he’s …never mind I’d better not ruin the surprise.
JS: Angus. . .
AT: You know Angus, he’s loud and proud. A true showman, a dare devil.  You know that, he’s wrangled you into a few things you’d have never tried otherwise. If you think he’s quieter at home, good luck with that. He is a little, but only because his wife makes him tone it down. And as one of his recipients you know what a practical joker he can be.
JS: Yeah, let’s not even go there! 
AT: Ha! The two of you are thick as thieves when you get together! I don’t know who’s worse! It's like the two of you have that twin thing going on!  And you try to portrait yourself as quiet…
JS: So, how’s fatherhood A?
AT: Yeah, go on, change the subject! Faherhood is awesome. Can’t say enough about it. I’m glad it didn’t happen to me until this time in my life, otherwise I don’t think it would have been such a life altering experience as it has been.
JS: True, but you had some life altering things happen to you. You almost died. 
How is Wolfgang? What exactly did you and Zara name him? 
AT:  Wolfgang William Henry Tudor. See now between the two of us we have Mozart's name! William is for my father and we know where Henry comes from.
JS: Tudor - your father is British and he can trace his lineage all the way back to Henry VIII?
AT: Yeah, actually further than that, but Henry VIII and Elizabeth are the most famous. My father takes his English roots very seriously. Guess that means I’m related to the queen and Kate (laughing).
JS: Do you think you’d get along with Henry VIII?
AT: If he were living in the 21st century, I think we'd be okay. I think his thinking would be better accepted today.  If I lived in his time, he’d probably have my head! (laughing)
JS: Elizabeth I?
AT: (Laughing) If it were in her time I’d probably be one of her “boy toys”. I think she’d stand well in today’s world. She was a strong woman.
JS:   Anything else you want to add?
AT:  Yeah, where are you goin'? 
JS:   None of your business, Amadeus! 
AT:  You sure are being secretive about stuff. . .well I'll take good care of things for you. 
JS:   Please do! Oh, and by the way, I do have two songs in my head for all things you!
AT:  What?
JS:   Thanks for everything Amadeus. Don't forget, I'm a struggling writer. Any and all donations are appreciated.
AT:  Where's my violin?

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