Friday, January 6, 2012

Branding - My Journey Begins

TGIF everyone! Branding! We've all heard about it, we all try to pursue our own.
2012 will mark a huge watershed moment in my life - and no - I won't reveal what it is just yet. I have had an idea - a way to brand my books, etc. that I've been researching and spending hours having conversations with my "inner self" about...I believe it is something unique and something women (and men) secretly wish they had the guts to voice.
So I have decided to become that voice - and being that 2012 marks something special in my life - I will begin the journey both here and anywhere I can get myself heard. Join me as I may find doors being slammed in my face, I may find myself laughed at, I may find others rolling their eyes at me, telling me I need to accept what life has dealt me and shut up. But I intend to pursue it and not go down without a fight!

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