Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Blurb From Tudor Rose

Here's a excerpt from Tudor Rose. . .Enjoy!

I walked with Amadeus toward the stage. He’s quiet as usual just before his performance. The other band member’s demeanor catches me off guard. Rather than huddling together moments prior to going on, the five gathered separately, away from Amadeus.
  Once they are well into their first song, I glance about and observe Red buzzing the area. He’s picked up on the mood too. He leaves responding to a call coming across his radio. I saunter over to watch the crowd. I notice Julia and one of her daughters sitting in the VIP area, yet even more shocked to observe Artie and Brad next to her.  She and Artie are engaged in conversation. Brad is sitting watching Tudor Rose perform. How did they gain access to both the concert and the limited access area? The venue security, along with the roadies had been given strict instructions the two were to be denied admission. This is the call Red got. He approaches the two, accompanied by someone from the building. It is evident from the body language I’m witnessing Artie is trying to challenge Red. I am not carrying a radio, but at this moment, I wish I had one to be privy to what is unfolding in front of me.
  With the band preparing to go into the third song of the set, the stage lights fade to black and all the members of Tudor Rose walk off, leaving Amadeus alone. They file silently past me as I dart over to where I last saw him before the lights went out. I take Amadeus’s hand and tell him to stay with me. As we’re standing, I notice a individual holding a flash light approach us. It’s Red who sprinted up as soon as the stage went dark.
     The whole area is in chaos. Somehow Red managed to lead us away from the main hallway, knowing a crowd is gathering there. Everyone is searching for Amadeus. . .

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  1. I love the excerpt can't wait to get this story :) You go girl!