Thursday, April 25, 2013

Release Day for Rockin' the Boss!

It's release day for Rockin' the Boss! You can find it on Secret Cravings Publishing's web site @

Amazon and others to follow in the next few days. . .

Here is a very HOT excerpt from the book!

I stripped down to the underwear and decided I would give Max a further taste of his own medicine, going back to find him. He was in the kitchen, gathering what he needed to prepare our meal. I quietly entered. I want some shock value on my side.
“Max, sweetheart, I thought you might want to see the rest of what you got me before I changed out of them.” I strutted closer to him as he turned around, leaving him no room to not see me.
Taking all of me in with his chocolate eyes, he twirled me around and then back to face him. As he wrapped his arms around me and fervidly began kissing me, his hands began to wander down to my behind. He pulled the thong to one side and made his way to my wet sex.
“Hmmm, I can see I need to purchase you more of these as you’ve soaked this one.” He pushed me gently against the counter top, facing away from him.
I heard the zipper on his pants and the sound of the fabric as he pushed them to the floor. He pressed himself against my backside, moving one hand around me as he began to rub my clit. I jumped at his touch before he inserted two fingers inside me, releasing the hot fluid.
Spreading my legs, he entered me from behind and began to hammer me hard with his cock. Thrusting harder and faster, he rubbed my wet, swollen nub as I groaned and lost myself in the bliss. My knees trembled as uncontrolled passion grew in me. My entire body quivered as I bucked against him, the climax shaking my core. I let out a scream as Max continued, until his own orgasm overtook him.
“Good, baby, that’s it, let it go.” He held on to me to steady my already weakened form.
I felt warm liquid dripping down my thighs as he slowly withdrew from me. He draped his body over my back as he nuzzled my neck and ear. “Damn baby, you came all over my hand. That was one hell of an orgasm you had.” He kissed the lobe as I nodded. He helped me upright before slapping me on the ass and pulling his jeans back on. “Now go get dressed, wench, or we’ll never have dinner tonight.” I squealed as I rushed out of the room.

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