Monday, July 1, 2013

July Sizzles!

Summer is well underway now, and this week we will celebrate the Fourth of July. It means a week off for some, a long weekend for others, and for still others it means nothing more than working. For me, I am of the latter category. Work. No, I don't have a job outside the house. My writing and all that surrounds it is my job. And it keeps getting busier, just the way I like it!
First off Rockin' the Boss launched into a Blurb Blitz Tour to get the word out about this popular new novella. As the tour winds down towards the end of July, the sequel to Rockin' the Boss will be gearing up for release.
Entitled Life and Lies, it picks up where Rockin' left off and goes from there. It's a full length novel, so it'll go to print early next year. Scheduled release date for the ebook version of Life and Lies is early August.
If that weren't enough, book #3 of the wildly popular Tudor Dynasty series is written and will be out before the summer ends. Be on the lookout for Tudor Reunion Tour.
Always writing, there are two more in the pipeline that I hope will make it into readers hands before the end of the year. More about that later.
One last bit of info - the RONE awards will be held on August 9th in conjunction with the RNC convention in Las Vegas. Tudor Rubato is up for an award in the Novella/Short Story category. Fingers and toes crossed!
Enjoy your July everyone!

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