Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Historical Romances

When I began self-publishing my books I started out with a historical western series, located in the Nevada territory. I also had one English regency piece, entitled Blood Lust, which I unpublished earlier this year. Then I started writing contemporary romance and put aside my historical pieces.

Until now - I pulled out one because I won a contest to have it critiqued and the bug bit me again. I'm tweaking the one to go to be critiques and I've started another. The latest one is a 19th century London/Edinburgh historical, and will be part of a series I am developing. The first one revolves around a duke (but of course we have to have our handsome duke!), William MacLeod. Politician, investigator, nobleman. . .he's a bit of each. Indebted to his sister-in-law Margaret for her help in pulling him back from the brink, he agrees to investigate the death of her cousin Elizabeth's father. Was it just an accident or was there something more sinister? William never figured he would be working hand in hand with such an attractive young woman, and has to fight himself, as she is Margaret's cousin.

The historical romance that I'm tweaking for the critique is about a duke wrongly accused of his father's death, and sent to the gallows. Only he escaped, and now, with the help of his good friend William, George is determined to take back what is rightly his. Take it away from his nasty, younger brother, Jonathan. Oh and there's a lot more! Lady Sarah was Jonathan's intended. . .and you'll just have to wait for that one!

Don't think I've forgotten my contemporary pieces - because I haven't. . .Archangel, will be the fourth of the Tudor Dynasty series. Archangel is anything BUT your typical rock-star Tudor. . .

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