Monday, May 9, 2011

Why I became a writer - and decided to publish via epublishing

I've always been a writer. However, it wasn't until I'd had five foot surgeries and way TOO much time on my hands that I decided to work on some manuscripts I already had. Thus, "Perpetual Love" came to fruition.
At the present I have a sequel almost ready, and another WIP I am working on. There are numerous other manuscripts I've gone over and will later decide what to do with them.
The decision to do the epublishing route was pretty simple. One it is becoming extremely popular, more authors can get their work out and get read.  The other is, finding a traditional publisher is almost unrealistic. I've send I don't know how many inquiries, etc., etc., etc. and have yet to land either a agent or a "traditional publisher".
Perhaps that will come in time. I would certainly entertain it. So I begin this week, tweeking (editing) my sequel and writing more on my next novel. Now if I could figure out . . .

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