Monday, May 16, 2011

A Little of this, a little of that

While I work to market my debut novel, "Perpetual Love" in order to garner reviews and sales, I am also working on the first draft (editing) the sequel. I'm almost finished and I wonder when I should release it. I've heard soon if the prequel isn't selling, and I've heard soon because the more books you have out there, the more likely you'll get read. I would love to know other author's opinions/ideas. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking mid-summer.
I should meniton that I have had a critique by someone who purchased "Perpetual Love". Someone who does not mince their words or tell you what you want to hear. To my delight the review was quite positive. The only negative was some editing issues, which we all go through. Editing is something I believe that no matter how many people edit your work, there is always going to be something. I've just taken a "editing/proofreading class and have worked as an editor and am a firm believer in this. Heck,  even books from traditional publishing houses have had this occur.
Then I've got a WIP which is coming along quite well. It's another romantic, historical novel, set in 18th century England. However, I'm looking at putting a twist to this one and make the handsome earl into something else. Something he came into in his adult life, something he's trying to learn to use and/or control. I've tentatively titled it "Bloodlust".
And if all the above wasn't enough to keep me busy for quite a while, I have an idea I am researching for a possible future works.
Happy writing everyone!

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