Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tudor Rose - Amadeus's Contest

Welcome to Amadeus Tudor's Tudor Rose Contest 

At the end of last year when Amadeus grabbed control of this blog, he thought I needed to try some new things. So we're going to have some fun and have a contest! I'm sure that Amadeus will either stop by or be monitoring "his contest" along with his lovely wife, Zara. It's really easy!

Leave a comment below with your email addy to be in the drawing for two $15.00 gift cards to Amazon or B&N or ebook site of your choice. Leave your preference in your comment. Drawing to be held February 1, 2012.

Reviewers:  Please email me at TudorRose829at(@)gmail(dot).com and I would be happy to send you your requested format.  Thank you so much!!

Here is an excerpt for your reading pleasure.

Preparation for any tour is a monumental undertaking. It takes months of careful planning to pull it off. Since opening night is going to be in L.A. at the Staples Center. Amadeus decided to move rehearsals to California instead of Seattle as they previously have.
  Amadeus has rented a house on the beach in Malibu, allowing him to get away and relax before the mayhem begins and to focus without the circus. This is where I’m staying, giving us time to catch up.
  Arriving in Los Angeles Artie meets me at LAX and we make the long drive to Malibu through the daily smog choked freeways of L.A.. I’m grateful he’s taken the time to come to the airport, so he can fill me in on everything. We determine the easiest way for me to blend in will be as Amadeus’s love interest. Attention doesn’t need to be drawn to Amadeus having a bodyguard. He’s never had one and the  rumor mills will crank up if he appears to have one now. So far, Artie thinks no one is aware of the threats other than a handful of people. Should folks remember me, I won‘t draw attention. The assumption is our relationship changed; therefore, I resigned.
  I smile as a familiar figure comes running through the  door as we pull into the beach front property. He doesn’t appear much different since the last time. In fact, he appears healthier and more in shape than I remember.
     “Zara!” he beams. “It’s so good to see you. You look fantastic. Rest and relaxation agrees with you.” He leans over, kisses me on the lips, as he holds on to me in an unusually long embrace. Every part of my body quivers at his touch, signifying to me what feelings I kept secretly hid,  are intensely genuine.
“You, well Amadeus, you look incredible,” I gush, afraid my face is giving me away. And he did, no lie. “I guess time off agreed with you also.” He’s a handsome man, tall, long, dark brown, almost black hair, piercing lapis blue eyes. He’s aware of his rugged good looks but has never flaunted them. Most of his peers in the biz would be out screwing everything that came their way. Not Amadeus.
  We walk his arm tightly around me as Artie follows with my luggage.
  “Would you like me to show you to the guest room? If not, I‘m going to leave. The two of you obviously have a lot to catch up on.” Artie pretends not to pick up on any vibes arising in the house.
  “No, thanks though Artie.”
  “You sure won’t stay?” Amadeus asks.
  “No, a ten year old is expecting me and a softball game I dare not miss.”
  “Go on, enjoy yourself,” I respond. “How is young mister Tristan these days?”
  “He’s growing like nobody’s business and thinks he knows everything.”
  “Well tell him his “auntie Zara” says hello.”
  “I will.” he responds as he leaves Amadeus and me to get reacquainted. Like riding a bike, easy.

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