Saturday, April 28, 2012

Interview With Rae McCartney

JS: Welcome Rae, and thank you for taking time to sit down with me. So, why don’t you give the readers some background info about you and feel free to add something readers may not know about you.
RM:  First off,  thanks for having me Jamie. I certainly appreciate the opportunity. Okay, background. . .here we go. I was born and raised in the U.K., primarily in London. I attended boarding schools and later attended St. Andrews in Scotland (where Will and Kate went). After St. Andrews I went back to London, where, at the prodding of some friends began a pretty successful modeling career, which also took me to Paris and New York on.   I no longer model, but I have helped out behind the scenes with young girls for charity events, teaching them how to walk and act on the runway (or catwalk as I like to call it). Photography always interested me and now I work on the "other side of the lens." And no, there isn't anything else *wicked laugh* to tell. Not here anyway!
JS:  When did you start writing?
RM: I’ve always written; kept a journal, written stories, locked them away. I didn’t get serious about it until after I moved across the pond (the Atlantic) to the U.S. that I got serious. I started writing or finishing novels and found that they always ended up on the erotic scale of things. And that’s how I ended up writing erotic romance. Just a little too steamy for some. I have written things and I have ideas that wouldn't be classified as erotic romance.
JS:  Is writing your full-time gig?
RM:  *Laughs* Heavens, no! Not yet!  I work from home, which makes writing easier. I can schedule my work and writing around each other. I do photographic work, I'm involved as an outside contractor to some well known companies as a media consultant among other things. I've also been an extra in some movies that have filmed scenes locally. Crowd scenes, zombie movies. Something fun to do as a lark. Atlanta has become the movie capital of the South, you know.
JS: Erotic romance is hot right now. What do you think of all the fuss over the 50 Shades trilogy? Have you read them?
RM: Yes, I agree, erotic romance is hot right now, but I think it always has.  Look at Jackie Collins! It’s simply been disguised as something else.  I read a historical romance a while back that was so steamy I thought it should have been erotic, but it wasn’t. As for the 50 Shades fuss,  it’s just that, a fuss. I read the first book and I have no interest in reading the remaining two at the moment. I have a lot of strong feelings about the book(s) and the fuss surrounding them that not everyone would agree with.
JS: You released your first erotic romance in February, entitled Lovers Undercover: Impassioned. Tell us a little about it.
RM: Impassioned is about a couple who come from two completely different backgrounds and how they come together. He (Logan) is a mega entertainer  at the peak of his career. The female lead (Scarlett) is ultra wealthy. However, she flaunts her wealth discreetly. The two are pulled together after Scarlett’s husband is killed in an auto accident.  Her husband leaves her with a talent agency that is floundering and Logan is one of the few acts who stays on.  The two are attracted to each other (of course) and there are some twists and turns in the story line. A stalker for one thing. It’s quite erotic as Logan introduces Scarlett to intimacy she never experienced with her husband.

JS: And you’re working on the sequel?
RM: Yes, I am. It is entitled Lovers Undercover: Devoted. It is a continuation of the first. The writing has been coming along a lot better than I expected. Lots of kinks (wink) in it! While Scarlett isn’t a prude, Logan is having to introduce her into a world she’s not sure she wants anything to do with. I say having because if you've read the first book, it'll make complete sense to you *wicked laugh*!  And of course this one will also have a hot cover featuring Jimmy Thomas, who by the way, as I know you know, has a wonderful new website for all things romance: authors, aspiring writers, cover artists, etc., etc. entitled “Romance Novel Center.” *Wink* I’m sure I can talk you into adding his link to the end of this? As to my sequel: that’s all I can say because you need to read the first one! (laughing).
JS: When we were talking earlier, you mentioned you had a story line that was in a different genre. A future book?
RM: It’s a true story. It  is the stuff great action movies are made from. I haven't decided whether to write it as a book first or as a screenplay. I'm not saying that lightly either. The story is that strong and riveting. 
 I was raised in an era when the IRA was quite active. It is based around some incidents involving the IRA.  It’s a thriller, suspense, action and there is a love story involved. I have notebooks full of ideas, story lines, plots, characters.  It’s something I’ve been working through for over fifteen years. It's very personal and very emotional to me - so much so it forever changed my life.  I may have to involve a "ghost writer" to get it written. 
JS: Wow! That would certainly bring you into another genre!
RM: Yes, yes it would. While, yes I think authors should stick with what they write best, there is always a time in a writer’s career that something else, like this screams to be written and should be.
JS: So what does Rae do for fun?
RM: That depends. . .I’m a homebody. I don’t stray far. I love to mess in the garden (roses) until it gets too hot. I love music, taking pictures, doing genealogy, and I love a good bottle of wine. Yes, I’m a wine snob.  Oh yes, I knit! It’s a wonderful way for me to not only unwind from writing, it is also a great way to brainstorm with ideas for books.
JS: Any words of wisdom for aspiring writers?
RM: Always keep writing. Never give up your dream. Just always keep writing.
JS: What’s your perfect hero or lead character?
RM: If we’re talking male, and I assume we are, he would have to have a strong personality and morals. He’d also have to be well educated, confident. Good looks and physically fit wouldn’t hurt either. My turn offs? A man who thinks he’s the “cock of the walk” so to speak and let’s everyone know (and he really isn't).
JS: How about a heroine?
RM: Ah, again strong character and morals, well educated and confident of herself and within her own skin. As far as I’m concerned looks are an over-sell with either sex.  Something unfortunately the media has promoted over the years. They make it come across that a nice looking man isn’t going to go out with a woman who isn’t drop dead gorgeous. And unfortunately that’s becoming true. I detest this shallow way of thinking.  But don’t get me started on the matter as I’m quite opinionated. *Laughs*
JS: What’s your idea of a perfect date?
RM: *Laughs* A perfect date, eh? This is hypothetical now. . . Hmmm. . .dinner at a nice restaurant then going to a movie either at my place (or his) or a theater. That’s my idea of a romantic date. Something quiet. I know it sounds boring to some, but it’s the perfect way to get to know someone.
JS: Thanks again for hanging out Rae. Anything else you want to mention?
RM: Thanks for having me. Yes, a little self-promotion! Devoted will be released this summer. And I will put an excerpt from Lovers Undercover: Impassioned up on my blog for your readers to check out.


Twitter: @RaeMacca


  1. Great interview! Rae, your book sounds amazing, and I love the cover, we all love a bit... Or a lot of Jimmy Thomas! :P

  2. Great interview! Your book sounds very intriguing. I adore strong heroines, especially those that aren't 'perfect'. Keep it real!