Sunday, April 22, 2012

Less Than 6 Weeks To Launch!!

Gulp! I counted the weeks on my calendar, recounted them to be sure. June 1st is less than six weeks away. It's actually more like four and a half! So much to do, so little time. If you missed the excerpt, it's still posted. Here is a little tease as to what you can expect from Timeless Sojourn. . .

Recently divorced at a time when most women are enjoying their children being grown, Anne Harrison finds her life in chaos. At the urging of her forever-friend Kat, Anne moves back to Seattle, her childhood home, to get back her former confidence and make a fresh start. 
Confident, creative, and a successful businessman, Geoffrey Quinn has depths not immediately apparent to those who come into contact with that cocky, devilishly handsome exterior.  
The last thing either is looking for is a relationship. Anne finds Geoff highly irritating (and young!) at best, while Geoffrey finds her magnetic and wise. To his amusement, she futilely attempts to dismiss him each time they cross paths, and sparks fly.
Watch as this seemingly unsuitable, disparate duo lights a fiery, compelling attraction neither sees coming. But who will get burned?

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